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October 09, 2009


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Of course you're doing the right thing!! Thanks for your lesson on purchasing such small cars for less--likely for cash--I'll look for such cars for future purchases and bookmark this page!

Given your investment, I would do as much of the servicing and maintenance of the vehicle as possible myself. My demo 2003 Hyundai Accent was newer and set us back about $11,000. Driving from a sprawl neighborhood. I wish that I didn't have to drive--I'd far rather ride! I'm going to try our bus system, yet, I have to park and ride, given distance and lack of sidewalks....

I can't believe people here really like driving that much these days; have they noted how much the cost of driving has increased and how unpleasant and dangerous it can be? The cost of everything associated with owning a personal auto is increasing rapidly every year.

Why don't Americans understand that instituting some sort of public trans from your community to your employer in the city will create a good deal of employment in your area and the city (along with other like situations)? Such jobs may help replace jobs lost in the dying of the industrial revolution.

Certainly, Americans, now being a very short-sighted, narrow-minded, puffed-up people with the attention span of a gnat, don't want to pay for it, but, inevitably, we'll all pay later, won't we?!

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