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October 06, 2009


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personally i think "big" as in big-box store, big houses, big cars, are in many cases destined to fail due to declining oil supplies and energy and resource depletion in general ... the big corporations may break up into loosely formed conglomerates connected only by emails and data streams and little else as they scramble to regionally source goods and materials too expensive to ship thousands of miles around the globe. in the meantime, if a big corporation takes a sustainable step, that one step could lead to another and another. ultimately some forward-thinking companies may realize on their own the function of quality is better served in smaller and regional or local rather than global. and as social responsibility continues to spread -- and people / planet / profits changes the model of "profit only" as a business model, the real question is: if sustainability and resilience are end goals and being incorporated into a businesses model (which would include diversity, modularity, social and environmental justice, etc.) then whether small, medium or large, will that be a useful thing?

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