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September 01, 2009


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HOMEGROWN WHOLE GRAINS reminds of a friend who went to the grain elevator in Clinton, OK in the 1980's to buy 5 gallons of wheat to make whole wheat bread with. Now we are talking a gazillion tons of wheat in this warehouse and the attendant said something like "oh we can't let you in the warehouse, because it's been fumigated for bugs". Steve said, "well what DO you do with all this wheat?" The attendant said, "Oh it's shipped off to make bread with".
Where does our food come from?
thanks for the post

Anyone know of a 'how to' for solar ovens? If so, we should have a workshop, and then a SOLAR OVEN COOK OFF. I just built a solar oven, but only used You-Tube info. It works! have cooked 3 meals in it.

Thanks for the excellent reviews and suggestions.

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