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August 25, 2009


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I loved this post. We can all be more aware of recycling, reusing and ways to keep trash off streets, out of neighborhoods and off highways. But there will always be some folk who will not care or be aware of what they throw out or what they trash up, so a system where people who want to use more stuff and throw it down wherever -- they pay for "trashy" behavior -- and the rest get rewarded for non-trashy behavior -- seems much more fair and just.

Thanks for a thoughtful, well scripted post.
Being the conspiracy theorist that i am, I suspect the 'pop' and 'beer' lobby fights to keep the no container refund rule.
when i was a kid I picked up pop bottles for spending money. I believe they were 5cents per bottle. we are slow learners.


The city makes recycling so easy I feel almost guilty, like i should be doing more of the work. I can't imagine why someone wouldn't participate. It actually makes our lives easier since our trash doesn't fill up as fast

That is very nice. We live in Utah and we basically have to go completely out of our way to recycle. The state doesn't make it easy at all. Very cool ideas though.

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