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March 02, 2009


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I'm Ramona Byron, the author of the article that was linked about making terra preta soil. I just want to let everyone know that it's a lot easier than our first effort that was described in that article. We learned that the charcoal is much easier to break after it has soaked a while. We had been putting it under the garden sprinklers to soften up, but now we soak the charcoal in water from the turtle aquarium, and it breaks up very easily. We figure that the turtle "fertilizer" will load the charcoal up with nutrients, so that it is ready for gardening in addition to being easy to break up. Happy gardening!

From Ramona Byron again. You may want to use this link to the terra preta article, it seems to be a bit easier to find, open, and read than on the OpEdNews website (although I highly recommend OEN for its fresh and always-relevant content):


I'm glad I found your site, too. I will be visiting often.

Thank You Ramona. even better, come visit OKC.....

ron ferrell

Great ideas. I will definitely check those out. If you want to check out what our company does go to our website http://www.tomsicsoil.com

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