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January 19, 2009


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amen. very well said.

Thanks, Ron.

Oh, and that little doll standing in front of my swiss chard in the picture is Tracy, a "miniature aussie" who was abandoned inside a rural home with 6 other dogs last August. Like many dogs who are bred to be "mini" and have other "desirable" traits like unique coloring, Tracy is deaf and has vision problems. But thanks to my amazing friend Amy and Real Rescue, she now has a new home and a family who loves her.

This is a wonderful statement of compassion, and shows a loving attitude, as well as the very practical side of the matter. Glad to see OKC can be progressive! My daughter's dog Ella was a rescue from the pound, and comes to play with my dog Albert on Sunday afternoons. Photos of them can be found at osbornephotos.com
*Yes we can!*

Thanks for linking to our blog! The other thing, besides just the appalling waste of animal lives, is the waste of Oklahoma City citizens' tax dollars! It costs a staggering amount of money to kill cats and dogs. MUCH more than it costs to spay and neuter the ones who come through the shelter doors.

I'd much rather see those tax dollars be spend for other projects in OKC--something sustainable--like how about we add cardboard to the list of things we can put in our blue recycling tubs!?

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