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January 12, 2009


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and it IS great bread. I was honored to be at Shauna's for dinner thorugh the holidays, and YUM. Good hot bread for me is the core of the family meal. thanks shauna

Aww Ron, thank you!

Isn't that an amazing recipe? Who knew beautiful, delicious bread could be so easy? Now just add some Wagon Creek Creamery butter, and you've got a full meal!

You have reminded me of my intent to purchase a grinder and buy wheat berries through the OK Food Coop. I'd not thought of trying first with our coffee bean grinder. :)) I'll watch your blog to see which wheat mill you choose.

I tried the basic recipe (using all-purpose flour), which I found online. How does it work with the whole wheat? Did you have to mix the whole wheat flour with all-purpose? I've got plenty of wheat berries from the Cattle Tracks folks, and I'd like to put them to use for something tastier than my super-duper hand-crafted artisan bricks. :-)

Linda -- Yes! It is an amazing recipe and I love the flexibiilty of being able to use it for other meal options (the recipes in the book expand greatly on the concept). Other uses for this amazing bread: A hearty thank-you gift to friends, a perk-me-up gift to those who are sick or who need encouraging, a delectable snack for noshing on at meetings.

Nikki G. -- The 100-percent whole-wheat recipe in the book works, however, be aware of how your oven temperature may vary. The book says ovens can vary as much 50 degrees in either direction.

Mine oven runs hot and I forgot to turn it down when I made the 100-percent whole-wheat recipe. Consequently, although the bread's interior was moist and had a savory, nutty flavor, the crust was a bit hard. I think lowering the oven temp will help with this -- just have to remember to do it ;-).

The book also has a light wheat bread recipe that's quite delicious, as well as tips for correcting problems you find as you experiment with the different breads and dishes.

A question about the bread: I've tried it once and it is pretty dense and gummy in the center. Any hints that might make fix this problem. I love the concept so i'm hoping I can get the recipe right. Thanks!!

Might be an oven temperature issue, i.e. if you're setting it at the temperature the recipe suggests, and it's not quite done, your oven may run cooler. In that case try upping the temperature 25 degrees and see if it corrects the issue. Or if you don't want to mess with the temperature, leave the bread in five minutes longer than the recipe calls for.

The book has a section on tips and hints on how to fix various issues you encounter in making the bread, so if you're serious about using this method on an ongoing basis, it'd be well worth the investment to get the book.

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