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January 16, 2009


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Fantastic story, Ron! Thanks so much for sharing your family's history with us. There is certainly vast wisdom to be drawn from the trials and lives of the past.

Ron what an amazing gift of words you have given us. I am so glad that my sister, Marissa, graciously introduced you to me. I really appreciate your words and what your life means by the way you live.

Ronnie- Thank you for this wonderful story. It really does put things in perspective. And makes you realize just what you have, and how important family and friends are. We all have a history and we should all embrace that history.

I was so sorry to hear about your mothers passing from Hal.

Ron -- wonderful post as usual! Thank you for insight, wisdom and courage my friend!

Ron, your name came up last night in conversation, so I googled ya and found this recent reality check. You certainly have grit. It's a good story and I will forward it to some good folks I know. I've mentioned you to some people about your watering methods down in Austin. Hope to see you soon.

Uncle Ron, after reading this three times, I'm ready to comment...My generation has much to learn in regards to sustaining (or regaining) the community you referenced. Lucky for me, I had the pleasure to learn from a wonderful teacher, Grandma. And today I consider myself fortunate to have another great teacher, YOU!

One of the largest challenges for my generation, and that of my son's, will be to regain (and sustain) the community. This is a problem I work on and think about daily. Grandma's legacy, and Uncle Ron's legacy, provide me the motivation to keep this concept alive. Thank you for being a wonderful Uncle and exceptional role model.

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