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December 01, 2008


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Great point! There are indeed many absurdities, ironies and paradoxes in our society at every level. From practical life issues -- what we eat, wear, buy and drive -- to what some define as spiritual, patriotic or healthy, some days the absurdities threaten to overwhelm. It's hard to stay centered and focused in the midst of chaos and doubt, but as you suggest, remembering that little acts can collectively bring about paradigm shifts makes a big difference. Thanks for the mindful post!

I was in superduper Walmart one day, and just strolled through to look at the produce. found a bag of garlic, GARLIC, that had China on the bag. I thought to myself, we are sooooo screwed when we can't even sell american grown garlic.

In this topsy turvey world, I suspect there are bags of garlic in china that say USA.

Thanks for the resources, too.

Very nice reading. Reminds us all to think about where our dollars go. I really like the idea behind Etsy.com!

Kudos! I am constantly amazed when I'm doing my 15,000th load of baby laundry how many baby things are made in China. Baby clothes, diapers, you name it, it probably has China on the label. With the recent scare in China over tainted formula, every time I see a "Made in China" label, I cringe a little bit. The good thing about all of these baby clothes and things that I'm washing is that most of them are used or were purchased with other people's money (so I'm not the active consumer even though there was one...but at least not two??). There's a pretty good documentary called "Mardi Gras: Made in China" (http://www.carnivalesquefilms.com/Mardi_Gras.html) about the outsourcing of Mardi Gras beads to China. I encourage everyone to watch it...really puts things into perspective.

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