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October 06, 2008


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Really dig the blog. Just got back into blogging and rebuilding my connections. Sustainability is a huge interest of mine. Granted I've only completed two entries (both about social media), I plan on interweaving my interests in renewable energies, public relations, politics and social media because there are so many topics to cover and venues to promote important issues. We can't just read about it in the news; Web 2.0 has optimized our abilities to get the word out about...anything, so I appreciate what you guys are doing.

What really caught my eye was your two cents on solar/photovoltaic panels. I recently conducted a fair amount of market research regarding Oregon's upcoming solar industry boom. In the last 20 months, at least six major solar panel manufacturing plants have staked their claim in Oregon. When some of the major computer chip manufacturers closed down/laid off a great number of employees, it created a surplus of unemployed workers. This group of people falls into the "green collar" jobs everyone keeps mentioning because computer chips and photovoltaic chips are basically the same thing, just applied differently. I think Oregon's going to set the example for solar energy production in-house rather than overseas.

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