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August 25, 2008


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We love Kam! She is great and the work she is doing with the coop and organics is fantastic!

..be bold

PS: We are enjoying the blog!

love the metaphor of the longhouse and building community. when you're in a good solid community, it can be magical.

i like to think the future holds a re-imagining of community that is not only sustainable, but incorporates a vibrant mix of the new and old, both in how we build actual physical communities, and in how we relate to each other.

I grew up in the country among many, many relatives as my grandfather had an identical twin brother and each of them had about 10 children. There were family members on every section of land in every direction....i couldn't get lost. It's different growing up in a 'long house' and moving into one. I also long for those days, but building a similar community these days seems far fetched..It's tough find a like minded mate, much less several folks..i enjoyed your story.

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