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August 29, 2008


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If I run short of my homemade jam, and I forgot to order jam from the Oklahoma Food Coop, I am partial to the jams and jellies of Oklahoma City-based Clements Foods, they taste fine for store-bought jelly AND each jar is reusable as it is as a drinking glass. I never realized that people drank out of anything but a jelly glass until I left home.

thank you for the thoughtful and informative post. the way i see it, MIO products are another piece of the buying local puzzle -- they certainly contribute to food security in oklahoma. shawnee mills cornbread is one of my favorites.

i wonder if any of these larger local companies are offering certified organic food lines and/or consdering doing so? also do any of them include sustainable principles in the business operations and processes?

Dear Bob.....I also have a matching set of 'jelly' drinking glasses. Do you have a blue set?

Great blog from the corporate guy. Before you know it, he and his wife will be growing food.

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